Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Closing out the year (and starting 2017...)

Our last week of Christmas break was a fun and relaxing one.
We got a lot of rain, but when it wasn't raining it was gorgeous out so we got out doors as much as possible.


The boys at the movies one rainy day

I also started taking Owen to our local salt spa regularly.  This was our first visit and we had the place to ourselves.  I'm sure  you have seen salt lamps becoming a popular thing lately, well this takes it to the next level.  They have a room with 6 or so inches of salt on the floor, salt walls and heated salt rocks on the ceiling.  There are also several large salt lamps and they pump salt into the room constantly during each session.  I am taking Owen for his immune system and allergy/eczema issues but I hear its great for all types of immune imbalances and upper respiratory conditions.

We go during kids hour and get to relax in the chairs or play in the salt with sand toys.

Or make salt angels...

New Years Eve morning I decided to squeeze in one last workout for the year.  I've recently started a local pilates studio that teaches lagree method....its killer!  Thankful to Anna who came to work that morning to kick our butts.

We headed to the Daniels that night for movies and jacuzzi time.  None of us made it til midnight.

January 1st Brian and I got to paddle board in the harbor.  Can't think of a better way to start the year.

More salt visits.

Another rainy day...

Movie Night.
And just like that we are half way through January.
Happy 2017 friends!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Last Rincon trip of 2016

On Christmas evening Brian and Beau decided they should go drop off the trailers at Rincon for our camping trip that week.  So thankful they did.  We got spots but by the next afternoon the place was packed.  We headed out mid morning on the 26th to meet Grandma and Gpa who were already down there as well as the Daniels who dropped off with us.

On our way we stopped at Auntie to drop off Charlie....and have a little hammock time ; )

And even though it was only in the 50s the boys wasted no time making their way to the ocean for some boogie boarding.  They are bonkers.

Don't mind me, I'll just be here with my blanket, beanie and hot tea!

Sunset night one.  It never stops being magical.

Early risers on Tuesday morning, just watching the waves crash on the rocks from the comfort of his (mom and dads) bed.

Even when its cold, its never TOO cold for acai bowl breakfasts at Lucky Llama.

Then it was back into the ocean (Scott and Ryker below)

When he wasn't boogie boarding he was playing football.  He can't get enough.  He brings a ball every where he goes.  Sometimes its a soccer or baseball, but he's on a big football kick right now.  Hopefully our beach football games will satisfy his desire to football because there will be no actual football players in the Campbell house.

Tried for a group pic, so maybe you see the selfie stick and the shadow covers our faces - fun times, fun friends.

Sunset night two:

And wednesday looked much the same.

Fight club, beach version

Campbell's love camping

Before we left on Wednesday afternoon we went down to the tide pools near Faria beach.

The find of the day was this guy.  We reached down to check out the cool shell and found this friend.  He's back with anemones now, but it was super neat for the boys to check him out.

See you in 2017, Rincon

Friday, January 6, 2017

Tis the season....

And now a post about the holiday season in the Campbell house.

Before we left for our Thanksgiving camping trip Brian very generously let me decorate the house for Christmas.  We usually do it the day after Thanksgiving but since we were going to be gone he agreed to decorate, tree and all, before we left.  Woohoo!

A little Christmas magic in November:

The guy dug out a jingle bell he got last Christmas that he got from going to see his babysitter/crush perform in a holiday show.  He remembered everything about getting this jingle bell.  He's adorable.

We celebrated Brian's birthday on the 30th

We decorated gingerbread houses with the Howells.

We went to the Johnson's ugly Christmas sweater party.

We went to candy cane lane!

Our elf left new Christmas jams:

Saturday after break started was the annual Staves family Christmas party.  It was a pretty special one because it was held in the church that Brian's grandparents started when they first came to California. So naturally there was a cousin hockey game in the fellowship hall.

It was a pretty fun and special thing to watch and be a part of in this place that has so much family history.

Our little family:

Owen watching the white elephant gift exchange from upstairs:

And eventually fell asleep on those stairs.  We made it til nearly 10, a record for us a Christmas party.

We clean up alright ; )

Waiting in line for Santa the week of Christmas break.

And the picture.  I can't get over how old they look here:

The boys got to have a sleepover at Mimi and Papa's with Parker J. during break.  They are all really into native americans and our elf was nice enough to leave them outfits to play in the next morning.  My mom sent me this of Scott.  So in it!

Another day we visited the seashell exhibit at the Channel Islands maritime museum.

We went with Mimi, Parker, Eden and the Richard girls.  I don't think they museum gets too many young visitors, especially all at once, and most of the employees seemed to be in their 80s at least.  The poor man who met us as we entered looked like he was going to have a heart attack.  He eventually passed us off to a woman who seemed to tolerate kids a little more. It was pretty funny.

That day we stopped for whole foods sushi on our way home - I love vacation.

We didn't send out Christmas cards this year, this one on social media was as good as it got.  But honestly, I was totally fine with it!

We found a great mix for roll out sugar cookies and decorated cookies for Santa.

And before we knew it it was Christmas eve...

Santa came and so did Grandma and Gpa, Mimi and Papa, Auntie, Parker John and Eden and the Daniels family.  We had so much fun hosting everyone for a yummy meal of tamales and enchiladas in the backyard.  It was a perfect laid back celebration.

Playing with their "inventors box" (a bunch of old/broken/goodwilled appliances and tools for them to take apart and play with - huge success)

Owen waiting for dinner (an hour or so before it was actually going to be ready, which he knew).  He loves to eat.

Eden and Gpa playing soccer

Our three favorite boys playing native americans and exploring the chopped down tree branches in our front yard.
It was a wonderful day and the best part was we still had another whole week of vacation afterwards.....

Merry Christmas friends!