Monday, July 30, 2012

Splashy splash

Turns out I didn't take many pictures this day.  With two kids plus cousins and friends I barely had a chance to grab my camera.  Whoops.
Another adventure this day was not one but two bee stings.  Parker J. got stung on his foot and within two minutes Scott did the same.  My theory is that Scott was #1 jealous of the attention Parker got and/or #2 curious about what a bee sting felt like.  So now he knows.  I think he went and purposely stepped on a bee.  At first I thought he faked it but he cried too hard to be faking and then we pulled a stinger out.  I had read breast milk helped with the pain of bee we gave a shot...breast milk to the rescue!  TMI?

Get your sauce on...

 Baby O got to experience the exersaucer for the first time
 the verdict: fun and delicious!!!

Ice cream cones...

Scott finished his first

and moved on to parker's

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Channeling my Inner Blossom

Confession: I have never read a "parenting" book.  I gave "what to expect..." a shot when I was pregnant and simply could not get past a few pages.  I already knew what to expect from a scientific stand point (I took embryology, physiology, anatomy and OB/GYN in school) and I also knew that my body was designed to have babies and I could trust that.  Also I had wonderful guidance throughout my pregnancy from my midwife, my yoga and childbirth instructor (shout out Robin!!!) and of course my mom, sister and close girlfriends.  I'm not saying that I never had questions or that I was never concerned, nervous, etc. but a book was never where I turned.  I took the same approach to parenting - people are meant to be parents and you have no experience until you ARE one so you basically just have to figure it out as you go and do what you feel is right and works best for you.  In the words of my dear friend Leilani "do what works best for Campbell party of 3" (well now 4, but at the time, you get the idea). 
I never identified myself as practicing "attachment parenting" mostly because I don't really like to define myself or what I do based on publicized approaches...we just do what we know?!  And over the past few years I have a variety of people as me if I was an AP parent (what a weird question right?) or "how will having 2 work since you do AP parenting"?  Etc.  And honestly I was truly baffled by the questions, like deer in a headlights response.  Clearly they all had read more about attachment parenting than I ever had, I didn't really understand the term.
I recently stumbled upon "Beyond the Sling" and picked it up.  I'm not sure what made me get it - maybe because 'Blossom' wrote it?!  Maybe because I "know" several of the doctors that contributed/reviewed the book.  Whatever it was I'm so happy I did.  What a read!  She is careful to say that she was not writing a "parenting book".  She was sharing her experiences in parenting and also her knowledge from her Ph.D. in neuroscience (holy crap Blossom, you rock girlfriend) and how it relates to parenting and child development.
I discovered that many of the things she mentions in her book are things we already do/have done (home birth, cosleeping, baby wearing, not vaccinating).  Some things I'm definitely not as hard core about (EC/potty training...missed that boat, TV - my toddler definitely loves him some Curious George and mommy loves her some shower time, so you win some you lose some).
Something I loved was to feel like I was reading something that validated the choices we have made.  Not that I need validation, we go with our instincts, but in the book that is her whole point: You already know how to do this parenting thing, if it feels right it probably is and if it feels wrong, don't do it and don't let anyone tell you what to do".  I feel like that has always been our philosophy when it comes to raising our kids.  Cosleeping has worked for us so far.  Scott moved on when he was ready and I have no expectations for Owen to do it just like Scott did.  But I completely get that it doesn't work for everyone - and frankly what do I care how you sleep at night (I mean I hope you sleep well but who sleeps where doesn't matter in my book).  We have never "cried anything out" because frankly I can't stomach it and that's perfectly fine, Scott sleeps great, all night and is generally a well behaved, happy and non bratty child (at least I think so) and Owen the same.  Baby wearing works for us.  And I know all of these things won't last forever.  We chose homebirth because that is what was right for our family and we knew it was safe and natural and we feel the same about not vaccinating.  My wish is that everyone understands that they have choices in parenting and that just because some book says kids should sleep through the night and self soothe by six weeks doesn't mean your kid should.
Everything she talks about in her book makes sense, not only from an intuitive stand point, but also as she it explains it scientifically.  I won't go into it, read the book if you want.  But suffice to say that there are scientific reasons to wear your baby close to you instead of keeping them shoved in a car seat/swing/stroller all day (not saying you can never use these things - hello of course they are great (not to mention safe in the case of a car seat, I actually had someone ask me if I used the carseat in the car...yes, I do #1 because I want my children to be safe #2 its against the law not to) but I know there are people out there who literally never hold their babies).
I feel like its such a great resource for me to help anyone who would want to know why we have made some of the choices we have made.  Sometimes I feel like I am not the most eloquent when it comes to explaining these things and I feel like the book says nearly everything I would say (again not exactly but in general).  One of the chapters that I learned the most from was the chapter on discipline.  I have never felt like I need parenting classes more than I do right now.  Disciplining is hard.  And I/we have very distinct feelings about what we do and don't want to do with our kids.  She gave wonderful suggestions and examples of what works for her family and gave me tons of perspective in not expecting my 2.5 year old to act and understand things like a 5 year old/15 year old or adult would.
Another enlightening part was what she had to say about play/education and early learning.  I have always understood that children don't need to be reading at 18 months despite the TV infomercials claiming they can with the help of their fancy flash cards and videos (you are kidding me right?!)  And Mayim is a little extreme (not in a bad way just more so than me) when it comes to exposing her children to educational toys in the early years (she does none, zero, zilch whereas I don't really have a problem reading a book about counting so long as Scott is interesting etc.).  What has changed for me is some of my language - exposing them to things instead of quizzing or having them "memorize" something, not that I was quizzing him but instead of saying Scott what color is the bus, I ask him if he sees the yellow bus so that I'm reiterating instead of quizzing him, whatever I can't explain just read the book).  She also talks about the lack of a need for toys.  Can I get an AMEN!  Every since reading about her philosophy on toys I have been channeling my "Inner Blossom" and trying to declutter our lives (which is hard being that we are still in transition home wise but I have the mindset) and I have found that I'm spending less money (my husband may argue this point but I have) and it feels great!  My girlfriend, who read the book with me, and I reference "blossom" nearly every time we hang out these days!!
So if you have any inkling at all to read it let me say that I recommend it whole heartedly!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{closet} nascar fan

 Ok because of Brian's job I must now finally admit that I'm becoming a bit of a nascar fan.  Don't get me wrong I have beyond zero desire to attend a race or even watch one on tv for that matter but I'm kind of obsessed with following up on who is winning.  I "liked" Hendrick motorsports on facebook (welcome to "true confessions of a nerd" right now) so now I can just check that to see if Kasey Kahne (the farmers driver) won or not.  Brian was at a race this past weekend in New Hampshire and what do ya know but KK won!!!  When I found out (via facebook, HA!) you would have thought Brian himself had been driving the car and won the race! I was so pumped!  I texted Brian immediately and he just wrote back that it was completely crazy!  He got to go to victory lane (I originally was calling it the winner's circle, its not called that...) and get sprayed with champagne and take all the pictures and all the crazy hulabaloo!  Check out the picture above from TV of Brian right next to Kasey after the win!  Yahoo!  Ok so I guess I'm not really a nascar fan, just a Kasey fan because I have a vested interest, but I do learn something new about the "sport" every week (this week was: victory lane not winners circle) like all the rules and why they do certain things and how ridiculously smart the crew people are (degrees in engineering and the like), so kinda cool.

While daddy was away the boys and I held down the fort (and even remembered to water the plants...ahem Mimi and Papa).

Owen and I usually have about an hour of time together before Scott wakes up.  O is the happiest little dude in the world in the mornings, its so much fun.  Makes up for the fact that Scott could not be grumpier if he tried when he first wakes up (like father like son?!), but never fear, a little breakfast usually fixes his mood.

Owen in the AM!

We've been working on the "big boy" puzzle almost daily since Mimi brought it out for Scott before they left on their trip.  Some days Scott has all the patience in the world for it, somedays not...but its fun to watch him work at it!

On Sunday we spent the whole day with the Richie gals and had a blast, we miss living next door and we definitely need some special time with them!

Monday, July 16, 2012

4 months

Yesterday Baby O turned 4 months old!  Please excuse the terrible quality picture, I took some with my good camera but for some reason the computer is not recognizing when I plus my camera in right now (so frustrating) so phone quality is what I have for now.
To celebrate Owen's 4th month the boys and I spend the day with some of our favorite girls - AZK aka the Richards gals!  It was so much fun hanging out all day and it was just what the doctor ordered for Scott.  Poor big bro is having a bit of a tough go of it lately, its very confusing to be at someone else's house (sometimes when they are not even home themselves) and have daddy take trips and to stop by your "new house" every few days but never stay and to be almost 2 and a half on top of all of that,  Scott definitely soaked up some friend time.
So back to the {wee} man of the moment.  Owen has developed such a personality.  He is so much fun and so happy all the time.  He really only cries when he is over tired.  Sometimes he will "scream" with the frustration of not being able to reach a toy or scoot across the floor the way he thinks he should be able to by now but true crying = tired boy!  
Owen loves Scott so much!  He could be happy watch Scott play all day long and when Scott pays attention to Owen and plays with him or tries to make him laugh...forget about over....Owen is in heaven!  It is absolutely the best thing watching these two boys enjoy each other like this and I know it will only get better.
Owen can roll over every which way and finally enjoys tummy time.  When he is on his tummy he can usually make his way to a toy that is just out of reach (screams of frustration as I previously mentioned).  He can't quite sit up but he is workin on it.  He likes to be held in the seated or standing (preferred) position at all times thank you very much.
At his check up with the ped we learned his about the 85 percentile for everything (which I think is one of the dumbest ways to rate but whatever) 16 lbs. 10 oz, 28 in...just catchin up to Scott by the day.
I can't believe he is already 4 months and hardly a baby any more at all.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


 Way back in early March Scott and I did a little photo shoot.  Brian was traveling a lot so he wasn't able to be there so instead we surprised him with these fun pictures on Father's Day.  We had been doing so many crafts lately and a lot of painting so I thought what better way to capture this pregnancy than with a little body painting session.  We went to the park and set up an easel and got to work.  I was a little worried that being 39.5  weeks pregnant that I might end up looking like a whale (vain I know but really at the end of pregnancy that's just how I generally tend to feel) but I can honestly say I'm so happy with how it all turned out.

We painted a "Happy Birthday Owen" sign and an "I Love You Owen" sign

One of my favorite pictures of Scott of all time...

Mr. Arteeeest...hard at work

I intend to make this a large print in Owen's room

Another favorite of S

The real down and dirty work....painting Owen 

Returning the favor....painting Scott's pigs

My goal was to capture us as we normally behave....this is it! Silly. Messy. Fun.

Mimi and Papa came to assist...all available faces were to be painted : )


We also made an "I love Daddy" sign that we gave Brian on Father's day with the pictures

At the risk of being redundant this next series of pictures were some of my favorite.  I know they are all very similar but I love how you can see the fun we have!

And you may have noticed Owen's birthmark on his forehead...well I told Scott we painted it on him that day.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


 Happy Birthday America!  And Happy first 4 of July Owen!  We did not make our annual pilgrimage to the OC this year but for good reason (a wedding this upcoming weekend had our sweet wonderful friends out of town).  We missed everyone so much but are so happy for JD and Nicole and can't wait to see everyone sooner than later we hope.
We got invited to a BBQ at Brian's cousin Rick's house and we had a blast!

Auntie Kay was there and Owen was a gem and let everyone hold him all afternoon with no fussing : )

And Scott spend the whole day going between the pool and the bounce house.  Speaking of the pool, he can swim, across it, taking breaths and everything, like father like son I suppose!
 Miss our favorite babysitter...can't wait for her to come watch our boys when we move into our new you cousin "shell"
 Fourth of July family photo op, half face brian, exhausted Scott, Owen looking at his bro....hey at least we tried

And Scott got to do his first "sparkeder".  He loved it!

Happy 4th friends!!!

Tiger Tuesdays...

Face painting is a new favorite pass time in the Campbell (eh hem - Mimi and Papa) household.  We usually do tigers.  And we usual do all available faces.  Its heaps of fun...."ROAR"