Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mommy & Scott Road Trip...

On Thursday Scott and I drove down to La Jolla to visit daddy while he was working the Farmers Insurance Open. Above picture is Friday when we arrived at the zoo...we waited about 30 minutes in the parking lot so Scott could finish up his snooze. Warning readers: I think I uploaded one thousand pictures just now...sit down, get comfy, maybe grab a snack or a beverage, its going to be a long haul...

On Friday morning Scott and I took a leisurely walk by the hotel then headed to the San Diego Zoo.
So first thing we came upon at the zoo were these two nice parrots. The were "talking" really loudly which captured Scott's attention.
Here is Scott looking for the meerkat...
There he is...
Next stop the monkeys/orangutans/gorillas...this guy came so close to us. He was right up at the glass and even used his hand to shade his eyes and peer through at the kids. I wanted to get a picture of Scott at the glass nose to nose with the orangutan but if I let go of him he would have hit the glass and there was a big sign right over us that said "please don't hit the glass" or something to that that would have been bad parenting had I let him do it just for the picture.
Baby Gorilla did a funny dance for us!
We spent a good 15 minutes with the gorilla statues...Scott couldn't get enough of his new "friends" whom he called "DOG" "ADOG"!!!
Can't see it too well in the photo below but his mouth is open wide in amazement!
"Do you see, this one has a snack!"

"Share your snack with him DOG!"

We caught many of the animals at feeding time which was fun because it meant they were active and Scott was very interested!

Yay, the pandas were out today!

Polar bear feeding time ("DOG"/"A DOG"!!!!)
I corrected Scott and said it was a bear, he would mimic that for a second ("BE-AAAH") then say "oh a dog". Hilarious!
Exploring the polar bear ice caves!

Reading all about polar bears ("DOGS")

Really liked this shiny "dog" (I tried with telling him bear a few times then just let it go!)

After the zoo we stopped at the beach. Scott took a nice long nap in the stroller while I cruised up and down the boardwalk! It was gorgeous weather! I even got a great view of the Farmer's air ship (IT IS NOT A BLIMP! ITS AN AIR SHIP PEOPLE!) so I had to get some pictures of that to show Brian how far their marketing reaches!!!
After the walk Scott was ready for a little beach playing!
Off to the water...later mom!

Love hanging at the beach with this little man!!!! (Wishing our big man could have joined us!)

Running to the water - for real running!!!
"Look at my cool rock mom!"

Kung Fu Scotty

Smart mommy brought a toy that I had saved from Christmas that Scott hadn't seen yet so we go that out once we were back at the hotel and Scott was entertained for hours!
Saturday we drove home and got to stop at the Johnson's house for some great visiting and great break from the car and play time for Scott (we stopped on the way down too).

Scott is looking at me like "mom, stop with the pictures, I'm playing with my friends, be cool!"

Parker was so nice to share his car with Scott!

It was so great to see the Johnson's!

Scott and I had a great time visiting daddy (even though we only saw him in the evenings for a short time) and we definitely jammed a lot of fun activities into two short days!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

11 Months...

Is it normal that 11 months makes me a little sad?

Mommy finally smartened up and TAPED the blocks together! Super smart mommy, probably smarter if I had figured this out 6 months ago when he started messing with the blocks...actually probably 10 months ago...I think he messed with them in all photo shoots after 1 month!

Blowing a kiss! Just learned this - such a flirt!


Scott will be ONE in one month from today! I am in absolute shock! How did it go so fast? How is he almost one? I decided I will keep calling him a baby, not a toddler, until he is officially one but if I'm being honest I think of him as a toddler already!
Scott is definitely a handful (see previous post about his latest daredevil antics) he is into everything, constantly exploring and already testing limits. "NO" to Scott is not a definitive its a challenge! He makes us a laugh every single day! He has such a sense of humor and he cracks himself up as much as he cracks us up!
Scott learns new things every day and it is so much fun to watch. Lately his favorite things to do are clap his hands, blow kisses and DANCE. Any song comes on and Scott is bopping around and usually doing the arm pump (thanks for teaching us this move Auntie). When he sees his green frog that sings and dances he starts singing and dancing (before the frog is even turned on) and that is your/my cue to turn it on so they can dance together. He mimics tons of words and it even seems like he is starting to know what many of them mean (he doesn't just say them because we say them first). A favorite is DOG, he sees them every where and literally yells "dog" at the them!
He is a little jealous and territorial with me still (and with the babysitter at cardio barre, who knew?) which is a habit we are trying to get a handle on asap. His best friend is Parker J. Those two are quite the partners in crime already! He loves playing with cars and trucks. Lately he makes "car/truck noises" all the time...Brian taught him. Its the cutest thing ever! Oh and he can also do "fish face" on demand!
He still loves to eat!!! He is the carbo king and would eat (gf) bread sticks all day if I let him. Bread sticks, waffles, toast, bananas are the faves of the moment. Lately he has started to like chicken too so that's nice - I do get some protein in him every day! I'm excited to see his first taste of cake at his birthday party (gluten free of course - he'll never know the difference -haha!)
The party is nearly all planned and now its just a count down 'til February 27th when I won't have a baby anymore!!! We love our little munch and no matter how old he is he'll always be our baby!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Scott "Danger" Campbell

So clearly we made a mistake in naming our son's middle name - no offense Dad, we love that his middle name is after you. But we have a little daredevil on our hands and I can tell this is only the beginning. Let me first say that Scott currently has a black eye from diving into the ledge at cardio barre, a bruise above the same eye from running in the family room and tripping and landing head first on the tile and a fresh bruise from today from the table at cousin Parker's house. So he basically looks like he's been getting in school yard fights for the past week.
As we all know he is completely rambunctious and on the move 24/7 - but lately he has taken to more daring feats. At the playground recently he watched a little girl climb up the metal latter to the slide (instead of taking the stairs that Scott has already mastered) so he beelines for the latter after her and before I know it has both feet on the bottom rung, one hand on the second rung and one hand on the third rung. And he would have climbed to the top if I hadn't peeled him off at the point much to his dismay ("MOM! Stairs are for babies!").
Yesterday I was attempting to load or unload something from my car (I don't even remember now, how sad is that 24 hours ago and my memory is shot, mommy brain I suppose) so I let Scott stand in the driveway next to me (because 25lbs is a whole lotta baby to carry on your hip). His feet had barely hit the pavement and he was on his way to the street. I mean what?!?!?!!!! I don't remember ever, EVER going into the street. Never did I have the desire to explore it, play in it, cross it by myself, but Scott just couldn't get there fast enough! This cannot be normal behavior for a less than 11 month old right?!?!!!
His latest shenanigan, though, takes the cake: today at Parker's house Scott was playing with Parker's vtech trike/scooter thingy, already he can get on and off it by himself (I try to help - but that's followed by screams of protest) so I turn around to see him standing with both feet on the seat and hands on the handle bars! WHAT.ARE.YOU.DOING? Killing mommy, he is killing mommy! Clearly the kid lives for danger and is in constant search for the next big adventure - today tricycle tricks -tomorrow skydiving?
Can we all start praying now for his trips to ER for stitches, casts and the like?! It would be much appreciated!

Monday, January 24, 2011

OUR park...

"Later gator - I'm outta here"

Staring at the airplanes in the sky! Scott likes to point and yell at them when he sees them now!

Just a few raisins for a snack

Dear Hollywood,
Thanks for making great movies and tv, please stop choosing OUR PARK to film them at. It really puts a kink in my day when I either a) have to corral Scott away from your cameras and shooting area or b) can't go to our park at all because there is way too much going on and no parking. I know our park is beautiful and that's why you choose it, but its the best one for us because of the fence and the clean sandbox. I would appreciate you checking with the Campbells before you shoot there!
C&S Campbell

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Find of the week...

Hello Michael's dollar bin! Found these sa-weeeet dinos in there that have magnet feet so they stick to each other, grocery carts and fridges! Scott loves them and thinks its funny that they stick together. He especially loves chucking them at the fridge from across the room and seeing them stick! Way too much fun to be had for just a dollar! On another note this is our fridge pictured above - FIXED - how do ya like that?! Amazing what a little welding can do!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Park Quest 2011

It is my mission this year to try out new parks to find the best ones for Scott at this age (and every age). As I kid I remember going to lots of different parks, one in particular I remember was one with all kinds of cement tunnels and tubes and things to climb on and through. There was also one with a big giant red rope ladder structure and a clear plastic climbing structure - I think it was by a zoo - quite possibly the San Fransisco zoo - and sadly those structures are probably not there anymore because someone probably fell and broke an arm or something...I I am on mission to find cool parks!

Hilary and I took the boys to one today that had tons of cool stuff. In the picture above check out the cool climbing wall. Parker J had a blast riding the turtle!

There was also a big dinosaur that you could climb up and slide out of our go underneath like a little cave...
Dino-cave fun!!!

And an ant hill....

With real ants.... (and other insects)

Scott knew the ant was eating something and I guarantee he was either thinking: 1)hey gimme a bite or 2)my mom says we do not put leaves in our mouths

Cool grasshopper (boys could not possibly care less about it)

The "ant hill" was a big hill covered in astro turf that you could climb all over and roll or slide down....apparently the thing to do is bring a cardboard box (most of the people who we saw do this had even decorated theirs to look like various cars - you go creative mamas!) and slide down in those. We didn't know this so we slid on our tushies!

Love this new park - we can't wait to go again!