Friday, August 11, 2017

More of July

The weekend after the 4th of July I ran my first ever half marathon.  It was rough.  After a slight whiplash incident at a waterpark (because obviously i'm not 18 anymore so i guess these types of injuries are a thing now) I kind of stopped training for a few weeks.  If it hadn't been for my friend who I ran with whose 40th birthday was that week I probably would have dropped my distance and just done the 10k....but I did it, and looking back it was pretty fun!

Celebrating in the pool

The pictures they take are NEVER flattering, but here's my proof.

The boys have been enjoying weekly swim team practices and I'm enjoying their cute speedo butts and adorable goggled faces!

We've been up to Ojai a few times this summer and its quickly climbing my list of favorite places in California!

We have had play dates galore which always include some combination of baseball and swimming...

And the occasional living room picnic 

And I even got to take the boys to the Peter Pan musical.  One of my all time favorites, and this production was no exception. The boys loved it and it was so good I got goosebumps. I definitely plan to take advantage of the civic arts plaza more and more in the next few years!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

4th of July, 2017

We celebrated the 4th with our old neighbors this year.
We had a lazy morning then headed over to Westlake mid afternoon for swimming, BBQ and fireworks.

Pool dads!

And giant jingo

And cul-de-sac baseball


And a magical fireworks show.
It was certainly a happy 4th! (But we missed seeing all our Garden Grove folks!!!)

Date weekend

Back at the end of June the boys got to go to Grandma and Gpa's for the weekend leaving Brian and me with a kid free date weekend.  Up first, a trip to DTLA for grand central market and The Broad museum.

We had fun browsing all the food choices at the market and finally settled on ahi and oysters.  It did not disappoint.

Then we wondered the broad for a couple hours

And of course took all the typical broad photo ops.  Because why wouldn't you make sure you had a picture of yourself under a giant table and chairs.

We reserved a spot for the infinity room for later in the afternoon so we got to make that our last stop before heading home.

The next morning we headed to ventura harbor for some paddle boarding, one of our favorite date days!!!
Followed by sushi for lunch, can't beat it.

The boys had such a fun weekend with Grandma and Gpa and can't wait to go back!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer swimming

The boys have been interested in trying out swim team for a while.  We never ended up capitalizing on their excitement of last summer's olympics, but after trying it this summer their excitement is definitely still there. 

First day pictures:

Practicing streamlines 

I was so proud of the boys for practicing things and trying even when they weren't totally sure of themselves.

Neither of them had ever used a kick board before, Scott picked up pretty quickly, Owen struggled for a while, but let me tell you that kid does not quit.  Ever.

We've been at it a few weeks now and the boys are hooked.  They even participated in their first meet (pics to come!).  Just incase we weren't in the pool enough, now we go from our pool to the oaks pool for practice, and then most nights right back into our pool.
Happy swimming!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lopez Lake camping

The day after school got out we headed to Lopez Lake for a weekend of camping with Grandma and Gpa.

We arrived late Wednesday and woke up to our wild turkey camp neighbors greeting us.

Fortunately or not we ended up with one of the hottest weekends this year.  But lucky for us we were right next to the campground water park.

We spent the whole first day riding the slides and hanging out under the mushroom waterfalls.  From open to close, literally Scott was one of the last people up and down the slide.

I think they rode these slides at least 100 times.  I would know because I rode with them.

Then we all took turns braving this bad boy.  Brian rode with each of us, he said Scott was pretty terrified.  Owen seemed to be all smiles by the end.  And I got whiplash, but that's another story.

Mama deer and her baby walking through our campsite.

Campfires (although it was still super hot)
It was the perfect kick off to summer!!!

Yoga retreat weekend

The weekend before Scott got done with school I escaped for a girls getaway with two of my very best ladies! We planned this way back in january or february and it couldn't have come at a better time.  We were all on end of the school year burn out (one is a teacher and has high school kids, the other has a high schooler, middle schooler and an almost kinder) - we were DONE with school routines, sports commitments and it was the best way to kick off summer.

Sandy and I headed up early friday morning and basically ate our way from Thousand Oaks to Montecito.  We arrived to the grounds of the yoga retreat early and got to explore and get settled before our first yoga class.

Paper crane gardens....:)

Pre yoga/meditation, post dinner, or vice versa.  The whole weekend was yoga, meditate, eat, repeat - so revitalizing. 

Labyrinth meditation, which was made over a few month period on the property by a group of monks who did it as a trade for their room and board.

Cacao ceremony

Surriena and Stella our magical leaders and teachers


We drove home via Ojai, because why not!  And discovered Revel where you can do kombucha people!!!!

So obviously we did....

It was the perfect weekend with wonderful women and it filled my soul!