Monday, December 4, 2017

Halloween weekend 2017

Halloween weekend also brought us to Scott's first "big" swim meet.  At the end of summer he moved up a level in swimming and can now compete in real meets.  To say he was nervous is a huge understatement.  But now having been through two usa meets we now know he just has to get through that first race and the nerves start to subside for Scott. But trust me I had some conversations with a few former teachers/swim moms about how to support him through this.  

Getting geared up for his first race, 25 fly

You know you have experienced swim mom friends when they send you pictures like this:

Pre race zone:

After day one of the meet we headed straight to soccer.  We made it just in time, but I had already told Scott's coach to sit him out first quarter just in case we ran late.  Scott was not please about this and was ready to play.

But by quarter 4 he was D-O-N-E.  So tired.

But at least I got a cute pictures of his some of his school friends ; )

Day two, and why not bring other sporting equipment to give you something to do between events.  Because sitting and relaxing would just be silly right? 

More pre race pumping up:

Love this kid.  So proud of his hard work!

We ended each day on high as Scott won his heat in both 50 free and 50 breast.  My brag moment: he placed in all his events except backstroke, he hates backstroke, with a passion.  Ha. 

We got to come home for some pumpkin carving with Grandpa and Gerri and the Daniels family.  So even though Scott was exhausted he rallied for a fun festive night.

Owen and Maddox took it upon themselves to "carve" Ryker's pumpkin, and by carve I mean mutilate with a batter operated knife and eventually cut in half.  Fun with kinder friends! HA!

The boys:

The Campells:

The friend crew

Oh and totally unrelated to Halloween, we got our soccer pictures back:

Monday night it was time for more pumpkin carving and crafts with the water polo crew.  For the record we are no longer hopping in the pool and learning water polo with coach james, its a little cold for that.  But we all decided we loved our monday night potluck dinner so much that we'd keep it going strong!

Owen glue gunning with Lenka, she's the best!

Halloween at school.  

Owen wore his costume for 4 minutes.  Scott decided not to wear his at all.

Brian and I decided to get into the spirit this year.  Thanks Uncle Bob and Aunt Rachel for the costumes!

Fred and Wilma, gladiator/Alexander the Great and a pirate

Scott also decided to never put on his gladiator helmet - so there you have it. 

Only a month behind, not too bad right? ; )

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Even more fall

Its officially fall when you get school pictures back.  One day i'll have to find the screen shots I took of the boys "outtakes" - Owen was not about picture day, trust me this is the best "smile" he gave, most of the rest of his looked like he was thinking "screw you camera guy".  

Owen Kindergarten, age 5&1/2

Scott 1st grade, age 7&1/2

We went on the wild ride of the world series cheering on our Dodgers.  It was so close, and so fun to watch.  Please disregard Scott's giants shirt, although he's a die hard Dodger fan, he can't seem to part with his giants gear from this last little league season.  Also Owen called it "the world serious" - I can't! HAHAHAHA!

After school playdates and meditation with soccer friends!

We have had some insane wind the last few weeks, which didn't give us a break even for soccer games.  Hot windy soccer games are pretty miserable, but we made the best of it.

Sometimes our cousins even come watch, and then maybe we stop for a quick picture on the 1,300 dollar disco ball!

Special lunch date with this guy.  Food is truly his love language, and pancakes for lunch made his little heart sing.

More "world serious".  This particular night it was post swim practice, naked, having a picnic dinner on the living room floor.  

Friday, November 3, 2017

More fall

Hmm what else did we do in September/early October....

Put up our slack line in the back yard

Kept swimming

Celebrated 9 years of marriage with a hike and breakfast out while the boys were at school.  Then going to swim practice and treating the boys to in n out for dinner after.

I took Owen on a field trip to the farm

Love spending time with Owen and his buds

Corn maze was a big hit

So was choosing a pumpkin

Soccer practices

And soccer games...

And 6 year old birthday parties with old friends...and scotch flowing

And 7 year old birthday parties with panty hose tug of war games

And we took to the boys to their first NFL game courtesy of Owen's soccer coach

We had a day without power after the winds knocked out a line....kind of a fun adventure.  And thankful it wasn't during a heat wave so we weren't in need of AC.

Owen swam in a novice meet.

Can you even handle this cute little swimmer??

And he's working hard on learning letters and writing in kindergarten

With basketball season coming up the usual crew has moved into shooting hoops in the front yard.  But still in trunks and speedos - I think we know they all really belong in the pool.

After school zen with friends

And another field trip, this time to the Santa Monica Aquarium

I have the same picture of him when he tagged along with Scott - time sure flies.

Took these besties on a ferris wheel ride after the aquarium

More swim...

And running into some of our favorites, at whole foods of course

I did an extra work day in Owen's class because I just couldn't miss out on the squid dissection.  It is by far one of my favorite activities in kindergarten!!!

1st grade friends at soccer.  We went early to catch the Lava Ladies game - and I think all 3 of them were excited to see each other!

Owen and Toben making shade

And we got to celebrate our friends Kia and Aaron tying the knot.  I have zero pictures from that night except for this one that the photographer grabbed of Brian, Scott and Kia - its makes my whole day.  They look like the happiest family! The plan is that both families print and frame it and leave it somewhere in our house and wait til people notice and ask about it! HA!

Somewhere in here Owen also officially turned 5&1/2
And don't worry, more fall happenings to come....