Friday, November 30, 2012

Thursday, Friday and Birthday Thankfulness

Thursday:  I'm thankful that my boys have a great daddy to look up to and learn from.  Scott was being a bit of a bully to his cousin and nothing I said or did seemed to sink and make him understand how mean he was being.  When Brian got home and before I left for work (our typical Thursday is that Brian walks through the door between 4 and 4:15 and I walk out within 5 minutes and see evening patients at my office that night, romantic huh?) I told him what was going on and that he needed to have a man to man heart to heart with his oldest son.  I'm so thankful for the relationship they have and the respect the boys have for their daddy.  Its very sweet!

And with that, today I am thankful for my awesome husband.  I'm thankful that 32 years ago TODAY he was born so that 22 years later we could meet, fall in love and have sweet baby boys!  Happy birthday to the guy who keeps a smile on my face all day, everyday!  I love you so much!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Joyeaux Noel

We have finally started decorating the tree.  I love getting the ornaments out.  This year Scott has really enjoyed it as well.  He asks about each one and plays with them before we put it on the tree.  One of my favorite traditions that Brian and I started is that when we travel we always try to find a Christmas ornament to bring home.  It was actually Brian's idea, and one of the most romantic gifts ever, combining my love for Christmas with all of our travels, how well he knows me.  We started doing this on our honeymoon to Maui and have since gotten ornaments from NYC, Paris and Scotland to name a few.  Scott asked about our NYC ornament (Santa driving a yellow cab) and it was fun to tell him where we got it and why (and that he was likely conceived on that trip, something he might not want to know when he gets older).  I can't wait for all the trips our family has in the future!

Boys' Club

Today we played with friends.
A lot of our friends are boys.
Today it was 4 boys to 2 moms.  Phew.  Moms are tired!

 O riding the indoor "ATC" - daddy, this does not give you permission to take him on one, ever if you really want to know my opinion.

Scott and Ryker played firetrucks and called each other "partner" all afternoon, it was cute.

Scott and Ryker: the next generation.  Owen and Maddox got along well and even shared some toys today.

All boys, all the time!

 And when we got home (after a pathetic nap from Owen) my boys "helped" in the kitchen.  My mom used to let us help in the kitchen when we were young.  I think it involved us sitting nicely for the most part, stirring our imaginary ingredients, maybe a little banging of spatulas on pots and pans, but mostly mellow.  Our kitchen experience today went a little differently.  Scott is pretending to be a warrior rhino here.

Today I am thankful for good friends, time we get to spend together and all our boys get to learn from their friends.  Scott so looks up to Ryker and it so wonderful to watch.  And in some ways I see it teaching Scott about being a big brother!

Superhero moms

If we are friends on facebook then you have already experienced the awesomeness of these pictures.  But they are too cute and funny not to write about here too, please indulge me.
The other day we trekked to target in need of a new pack of big boy undies for Scott (who by the way is totally potty trained (knock on wood) during the day, except for an accident here or there, we have been a underwear wearing, potty going toddler family for the last month).  He was good the whole trip so when we got to the underwear section I told him he could choose.  Without seeing any of the choices he immediately said, "Superman chonies mom!!"  Hold they phone.  How does he even know about superman.  He has never watched it, read about it or played it with friends (to my knowledge).  He's not in school yet so that's not where he learned it.  Before committing I made sure to show him there were also finding memo, buzz lightyear, cars and thomas choices, but no "I need superman, mom."  
I have a patient/friend who is a mama of two boys of her own.  Her oldest, about a year older than Scott, wanted to be batman for halloween, and she, like me, had no idea how he had learned about batman.  So she and I chatted at her appointment yesterday about all things superhero.  What really hit me was when she described when her son "chose the superhero underwear" so to speak, it was the first time he made a big kid choice.  Up til now Scott would have also gone with something disney related (cars/nemo), which I equate with a younger child's choice.  When he was so adamant about superman I was really taken off guard, what happened to my baby, I thought nemo would last a little longer.
There is still some baby left, he does love him some disney and plays with woody and buzz everyday.  And there were also no dinosaur underwear available when we chose, but even if there had been I don't know that he could have been deterred.

 My friend and I had a good chat and laugh about all things superhero.  And how the underwear seem to be just as good as a full fledged costume, chonies on = commence super powers (i.e. jumping off of the highest surface available, 'flying' off the bed, shooting lasers out of your hands etc.).  It is absolutely genetic.  We have never played any of these games with Scott, he has never watched anything on TV or read any books that have anything remotely close to super powers and shooting things.  I suppose he knows about Super Grover from Sesame Street, but I think its a pretty big leap from him to Batman, maybe he gets the superman flying bit from him but that's all.

My friend and I also joked how we definitely need a superhero tutorial soon.  I got Superman, Batman and Spiderman down, so I think I'm good for a while.  But seriously there are some I have never heard of and some symbols I had no idea what they belonged to (example: aquaman, Scott got a pair of his chones and I had to look up that symbol to tell him what they were, he HAD to know!!).  I did a little research (to figure out who the unknown symbol belonged to) and discovered there is a "superhero" called manhunter martian or martian manhunter (I forgot now)...WEIRD!  And elongated man!!??!!  I mean what??!!  And Captain America is pretty big right now, gotta learn his story/powers.  As long as we stick to Clark Kent, Peter Parker, radio active spiders and the bat mobile then I'm in the clear (thank you hollywood blockbuster movies!!!)  I also discovered there is a "Hulk-girl",  I'm think about only answering to "hulk girl" from now now, or, at the very least, making that my Halloween costume next year!
So moms of boys (and girls too, if you are so inclined) I say we plan a girls night out to see the next big comic book movie they release, which can also include some bottles of wine : )  Call it research!

After buying the new chonies, Scott wanted to try them all on, so we had a fashion show.  When I put a picture on instagram/facebook I think I captioned it something along the lines of:  Mommies of girls get big bows and dresses, mommies of boys get superman chonies!!!  
Is there anything cuter than a little superman butt?  I don't think so!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hummus and Kombucha

I've been told I have interesting taste in food.  Brian and I definitely do not share a similar palate and I have had several friends describe certain items as "your kind of food", usually with a look of borderline disgust on their face.  And Scott is also known for not having the best appetite in the world.  Although lately he's been really into apples and oranges.  So today I'm thankful for hummus, which Scott will eat every time, without fail, and I feel like I get a "mom-win" for serving him a healthy snack (he eats them either with plantain chips or broccoli or carrots).  And I drank my daily kombucha while Scott had his snack and it was just heaven.  If you have not experienced the fantastic fermented tea beverage that is kombucha I highly recommend you try, but it definitely takes some getting used to and its definitely "my kind of food".

Yesterday:  I'm thankful that Owen is healthy again.  It was a long few days and yesterday he still wasn't 100% with his energy level but he was back to his happy self.  I feel so blessed with good health for our whole family.  I'm definitely thankful for health!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A bunch of Thankfulness...

 Where did I leave off?  Who even knows, after a crazy week, plus Thanksgiving, plus a sick/teething baby I barely know what day it is.  And now the whole google/blog picture space/charge you money to blog debacle...for the record I bit the bullet and did the 2$/month thing.  For now at least.  If I find a better (FREE) deal out there I'm out, but I didn't want to stop posting and what little research I did I found that other blog domains charge or I can register a domain name, but posting this way is so darn easy.  So Merry Christmas to you, my four readers, I will continue to post here.  But everyone I know having this problem and filling up their picture memory at the exact same time, people who have been blogging longer than I have and shorter, we really all used our picture memory space up this week?  Highly suspect google!

Back to thankfulness.  Wednesday: I'm thankful for fun things to do in our community.  This evening the boys and I took Brian over to see the Christmas tree all lit up.  If you recall, he wasn't able to attend the lighting extravaganza with us.  And this time Scott got to see the tree up close and personal.  Real tree by the way. Crazytown!

Gotta work on this boy's cheese face.
 When we were over there we ran into a neighborhood friend doing essentially the same thing.  It was really fun running into people we know from our community.

Thursday morning. Thanksgiving.  Owen has ANOTHER fever.  So we had a sick little grumpus on our hands most of the day.  Luckily between Brian and myself, Mimi and Papa and grandpa Don all in town we had plenty of hands to hold Owen (who, incidentally, hasn't been been put down in 72 hours and counting), play with Scott and Parker J. and cook delicious food.
 So Thursday, I'm thankful for family, whether you are related to us by blood or just by friendship, we love you.  I'm thankful for a holiday like Thanksgiving that we can just relax and enjoy good company and be super low key about the whole thing.

 "All about the Mimi train".  These three cousins had a blast playing train on the rocking chair with Mimi for quite a while leading up to dinner.  Owen was especially thrilled to be the conductor! 

Cheers (sparkling apple cider in plastic wine glasses for the big boys)

Owen's first Thanksgiving.  Since he wasn't feeling well, he never made it out of jams that day and he didn't get to eat any Thankgivingy year buddy.

Pretty pleased about sitting up at the table with everyone though.

What a crack up he is...


Eyeing the {empty, plastic}wine glass

Friday Brian and Scott set up the Christmas tree!!!  Its not decorate yet, hopefully tonight it will be though.  Sick babies sure do kink your plans, but I wouldn't put him down or trade these snuggles for any plans.

I'm definitely thankful for Christmas decorations and the Christmas season that is now upon us (um, how are we already at Christmas, I feel like its still june sometimes!)

Saturday, little man is still sick, frowny face!!!  I'm thankful that his little immune system is functioning well and doing what its supposed to be doing.  Brian and I have taken turns with who holds Owens while he sleeps and who plays with Scott.  We have been enjoying our one on one time with each boy we've gotten the last couple of days.

Sunday, I'm thankful for Christmas books.  Scott is so into Christmas this year.  He loves talking about Jesus's birthday (mostly, I think, because when he thinks about birthday he thinks about cake, he keeps asking me if Jesus gets birthday cake, so I think we will have to do one this year) and Santa coming down the chimney and "shooting out the fireplace".  HAHA.  Having so many great Christmas books has made telling him about Christmas even more fun.  We have read all of them at least twice, some of them, the true favorites we have read at least 10-12 times!

So maybe the rest of the month I will post what I'm thankful for every day, but probably not, it may be awhile again, maybe a monthly thankful wrap up?!  Who knows!
Hope you all had a happy and blessed Thanksgiving day and week!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

La Brea Tar Pits and Bonus Material

 Two in the tub.  Just because they're cute!

This week Brian started hanging up some stuff (with more to go) to start making our house feel more like home (I mean it definitely already does, but you know, its nice to have stuff on walls)
We pinterested these craft frames on either side.  Hang empty frame, then hang a clip in the middle, fun way to display kiddo art work.  I like it because it makes every piece look special!!  And the picture in the middle is a puzzle that we had framed.  It was my dad's, then mine and I thought it would make a great piece on the wall in the playroom.

A partial view of the play room (excuse the GIANT mess of craft paper exploding from the basket)

Today (as I mentioned in the last post) we went to the La Brea tar pits.  Scott loves all things prehistoric, so we thought what a perfect place.
 Scott's way into wearing his backpack these days (as witnessed on our hike as well).  Here we are, checking out the mammoths out front.  Exact same as I remember from my childhood.

Saber tooth cat eating a sloth.  This exhibit was robotic (and a little violent if you ask me) and Scott was fascinated.

Showing dad

Scott loved the skeletons and fossils everywhere.  I did my best to explain what fossils were, but I'm not sure if he completely understood, perhaps a lesson from Mimi is in order?

Looking at turtles and koi in the atrium pond.

After the museum, we wondered the grounds for a while.  LACMA is right next door, and while we didn't venture in, we had a blast exploring all the outdoor exhibits.
 Scott's far and away favorite.

Owen enjoyed it too, and even stayed awake the whole trip. Wowza.  He did sleep on the way home and an hour or so after we got back.

Mommy and Owen.  Needed some proof we were there!!!

Playing and playing.  These were long yellow plastic tubes.  I should have taken a picture of the whole thing, it was super neat.

Standard "cheese" face

Under the bolder we went!  Scott was less impressed than I thought he would be.

"Urban Light" by Chris Burden.  

Scott and Brian played chase through the light posts for a while, and clearly Scott loved every second.

Lookin' up!
I know I already did my thankfulness post for today, and I've already mentioned this, but I am so thankful for how much family time we are getting this week.  Its been amazing and this mama is loving every second!

Getting behind

I'm really getting behind on my thanksgiving posts.  We are just having too much fun having Daddy home this week!  Spoiled to the max!

Yesterday:  I'm thankful for living so close to work.  In the morning I got up and went to work out (sans boys, crazy easy!) and then stopped at my office to meet a patient and print something off.  It was so nice to leave work and be home in less than 10 minutes.  I love my job and being so conveniently close makes it that much better.

Today:  I'm thankful for LA.  Weird right?  I know.  LA is not the nicest of cities in some (most) ways. Traffic.  Smog.  Over population.  No parking.  But its where we live and where we will likely live for the long haul (well not exactly in LA, and we do LOVE our suburbia now, but you know what I mean).  Today we took advantage of our city and took the boys to the La Brea tar pits.  We all had a blast and we were home in time for lunch and naps.  Thankful for a city that has a lot to offer.  (and shout out to Farmers, I'm thankful that Brian's ID got us in for free!!!)  Picture post to follow.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Tree lighting...

Friday night our community had a Christmas tree lighting and show.  Brian had to work late (sad, but hey now he's on vacation! Yahoo!) so I ventured out with the boys on my own.  It didn't start until 7:30 so I played it by ear and decided at the last possible moment if we would go or not.  Once I mentioned it to Scott around 7pm though I knew we had to go no matter what after that.  He was SO EXCITED!!!  Everyone got on warm jams and beanies and walked over.   We couldn't see the stage super well and since Owen was in the ergo I couldn't hold Scott up that high either.  When the show started I let him stand on the snack tray of the bob (while holding on to him super tight) and that helped.  Above was Scott waiting for the show to start and SO excited.  Plus he got to bring his flashlight so bonus! Pictured below is Scott seeing the snow come down on stage - amazed!  They lit the tree and did fireworks, which the boys did amazingly well with actually.  We left before Santa came because I knew we wouldn't be able to see him that well and Scott would probably be frustrated.  Plus it was almost 8:30, two hours after Owen's bedtime and an hour after Scott's.  Can't wait to walk over at night and let daddy see the tree!