Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dear Blog,

Hey blog land.  I miss you.  This month has gotten away from me.  We have been doing a lot, and for the last two weeks the boys and I have been holding down the fort while daddy was at the Farmers Insurance Open, leaving little time for updates on the blog. Now he's back with another great tournament under his belt.  We are so proud of him and sure did miss him while he was away.  Hopefully we will be more on top of things in the next month.  I just know you wait with bated breath for Campbell updates (wink!).

So a little phone dump and some quick updates for now.

While daddy has been away wok time for me has meant lots of babysitter time for the boys.  Fortunately we have some great babysitter who the boys adore so I had zero worries while I was at the office.   One of our sitters is also a patient, so I have been giving her adjustments at the house before or after I go in.  And Owen is sure to not be left out of the fun and always hops up for his afterwards.  Its fun being a chiromom.

We usually store away some Christmas presents for a rainy day (aka a day without daddy and we are at the end of our ropes).  This time around one that busted out was hungry hungry hippos (thanks Richie girls!).  We played marathon rounds this particular day and had so much fun.  Especially Owen.  Whenever he sees the game he begs to play it.  We have to put it up and away when we are done or the marbles are everywhere courtesy of our almost two year old.  He just LOVES the game.

Karate has started back up and Scott is still enjoying it.  I think it has been good for him to be returning to the class.  I have seen a boost in his confidence.  He loves being the example and answering questions.

Some Christmas money earned someone a new superhero mask (because obviously we didn't have enough).  Love running errands with this little super hero.

We have gotten lots of great hang out time with parker j.  This particular day these two goof balls played:  "Baby Spiderman and Daddy Wolverine."  Who says boys don't play house?

We had several sleep overs at mimi and papa's while brian was away (thanks Mimi and Papa, couldn't have made it through without ya!)  Mimi and did a lot of painting.  Although my crafts are a far cry from masterpieces they were therapeutic and therefor successful to me!

And Mimi and Papas for dinner usually means an ice cream cone for dessert.

Mimi is always stocked up with gluten free cones and coconut milk ice cream!

Definitely a great end to the day...

Our most recent sleep over at Mimi and Papa's resulted in little room in the bed for me (Scott got moved to the floor not long after this picture was taken)

This week at preschool every student was told to bring in a prepared vegetable to make Stone Soup.  Scott chose carrots and in the spirit of learning new things, he even helped chop it up.

And Owen wasn't about to be left out:

Another visit with parker j (Whom Owen calls John these days!).  Scott was in a bit of a mood by this point and Parker and Owen took advantage of that and really ganged up on him and tormented him.  It was a little mean, but I'm honestly surprised it hasn't happened before now.  I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of that going on in the future.  You live, you learn right?!

I can't believe January is over and in the next 6 weeks my babies will turn 4 and 2.  Lots of blogging to come I'm sure.  

See you in February!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Much later post….

A few weekends ago….

We started saturday swim lessons.  Scott still talks about going swimming all the time so I figured why not get back into lessons once a week.  Well it sucked.  Owen's class is a parent and me class and that was awesome.  Brian took him, he loved it, case closed.  Scott was not having it.  I may have not been completely clear that we were going to a lesson rather than just going to the pool to swim as a family.  Whatever the case he flipped out and would not go in.  And his teacher.  Bless her heart.  She thought he was scared of the water.  She kept trying to coax him in and promising he didn't have to put his face in.  From my perspective he was just overcome with shyness and in a situation that maybe he wasn't fully expecting.  I just wanted to keep telling her "he's not scared of the water, he can swim fine, its not him, its you."  Obviously in the nicest way possible.  Anyways, after that 40 minute disaster we decided we would make a family trip to the pool the next day just for some practice and fun.  
Just what we did….the boys loved it…all 3 of them!!!

Now that the holidays are over and we are back to our regularly scheduled program (which is actually pretty nice, don't get me wrong, Christmas is my favorite! but it can get hectic) we are enjoying slow, family weekends.

That evening after we went swimming we enjoyed a movie night….
Assume the position boys:

After I took this I made them move away from the TV….such a party pooper I am.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

BCS Championship

Happy New Year!  Now that we are half way through January I'm finally starting to feel like its really 2014.  We are back in school and back into a routine, which feels nice!  Now for some blog catch up.
A few years ago part of Brian's job included being part of the Rose Parade and the game.  It was nice of course because we got some wonderful experiences out of it all, but the boys and I sure did miss him when he would have to leave basically the day after Christmas and we wouldn't see him again until sometime in the new year.  The last few years his job has taken him to other events so its been nice for us to have him around, at least during the holidays, and even more of a perk he has still been able to score us some awesome tickets and we've been able to attend together! Thanks Farmers!
This year Brian attended the Rose Bowl game on the first (not so much for me, full day child care for a football game was only gonna happen once for us) and we attended the championship game together on the 6th.

We had such a fun day together tailgating with Brian's coworkers and later running into Aaron and Robin and getting to hang out with them.

So turns out we had amazing seats.   Then to ice the cake we ran into a contact and friend of Brian who gave us field passes….and just like that we were on the field.  Unreal.

Field selfie.

This was definitely a first for me so I was snapping cell phone pics like crazy.

Oh yeah and then we saw this...

The title of this post could also be known as "that time I wish I had done my hair and make up for the game and not just rolled straight from work." 

And then I took my GMA celebrity stalker picture of Josh Elliot.  Nerd alert.  

Thanks for watching the boys Mimi and Papa.  And thanks for taking your wife to such an awesome event honey!  Awesome date night!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Moving day

Back in August I mentioned changes on the horizon.  Well since it is all official now (well more than official…now its happened) I figured I would fill you in on what's up.
Over the summer my colleague decided it was time to move her family out of the state, so it was time for me to find a new office space.  I looked for months and nothing seemed to work out until another mom at preschool told me about the place she leased and I decided to check it out.  It was affordable and available with no long commitment so I jumped on it and over Christmas Brian and I moved all my stuff in.

Packing up the old office (over several days), I was amazed at the number of textbooks I have.

I would say this is about 1/3 of them….I think I need to clean house a little...

Paper work and organization have consumed many evenings at our house the last few weeks

What it looks like so far:

Still need to hand stuff and walls and get some more stuff moved in but all in all its getting there.  

There is now a desk in this corner and I have been working here for about 3 weeks now.  Thankfully my patients are willing to come no matter how it looks.
When and if there is ever a finished product I may try to post that as well.  We'll see. 

An Owen post:

Going through some old drafts that I never got around to posting.  I could probably add more to this but these pics are too stinkin' cute not to post so I'm just throwing them up with little or no additional effort!

Indoing with Auntie...

Park date with Katelyn

Pooped at baby boy at Ryder's house

Ice cream time

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Holiday Season Extras

Friday before Christmas Scott and Parker got picked up by Mimi, Papa, and Aunt Charlotte for breakfast out then cookie baking at Mimi's.  Owen didn't get to go this year but he did get to enjoy the fruits of their labor:
And I'm pretty sure he is already excited to go help out next year.

What have we been doing since Christmas?  Toys.  SO.MANY.TOYS.

We also got the gift of a getting to pick out a new tent (we've really out grown ours!).  We stopped on our way up for dinner at Mimi and Papa's one night to browse and see what we wanted.  And there is no better place for hide and seek than REI:

That night we ended up hearing about the REI "garage sale" that was happening the next day.  So Brian headed back bright and early to get in line for the deals (thanks honey, your the best!).  Well he scored big time and came home with this beauty for over 60% off.
We are itching for our next camping trip to try this bad boy out...

These are pre Christmas but I had to include them:
Reading stories one evening with Mimi, Papa, and "Mimi's Sister".

We celebrated our friend Kason's first birthday where I got this adorable picture.  I wish I had pictures of the rest of the decor but I don't.  If this hand made penguin is any indication then you can get the idea.  A winter wonderland of cuteness.

Crafting….sometimes it comes with bribes to get things made for Christmas.  I'm not above that.

NYE walk in the neighborhood:

We had a mellow to the max NYE which included bed by 7:30 for the boys and 10 for the parents.  Party people.  I went to bed feeling thankful that we didn't end this year with wrist surgery and recovery like we did last year.  Brian went to the Rose Bowl game on the first and had a great time and we enjoyed the company of more family for a few days, but other than that we just took it easy…and it was awesome.