Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Walking with Dinosaurs

Last weekend we scored some sweet tickets at the Staples walking with dinosaurs.  Thanks Farmers.

We had a heard about this show a while back and found out they were finally touring again.  We got there with plenty of time to walk around before the show started.

We found our seat, and of course at all of our snacks before the show started.

It was pretty cool, I must admit.  Huge animatronic dinosaurs with lots of history lessons to go with it.  I'm pretty glad we were up high in the farmer's suite because I think it could have gotten a little scary if we were down on the floor.  T-Rex literally leaned over the audience and roared in their faces.

T-Rex of course came last, its a blurry picture below but there he is chasing down ankylosaurus.  
T-Rex was Scott's favorite part.  At the end they told the story of a meteor hitting earth near the Gulf of Mexico and creating a dust storm that blocked the sun etc. etc. extinction.  The lights flashed and there was booming and roaring, I assumed this would be a scary part for the boys....this was Owen's favorite as he took this time to give the whole show a huge round of applause.  
If you have the chance, I recommend it for your little dinosaur lovers.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hart Hawks

Friday night was girl's night out for me!!!  My best friend from growing up, Erin, came down so we could drive together to see our elementary school friend, Keeley, play in Hollywood.  We also found out ahead of time that a few other elementary school friends would be there as well.  Most of these girls stayed together through high school, but since I moved after 8th grade I hadn't seen most of them in almost 18 years.  Aaaaaand....I'm old. 

First of all Keeley was AMAZING.  The last time I saw her play was at the sixth grade talent show at Hart elementary (hence Hart Hawks).  I have her albums on iTunes, but this was my first time seeing her live (well in adulthood!).  Truly amazing.  Goosebumps! 
Above picture: Tami, Misty, Keeley, Erin and me


Keeley on stage.

After the show we went out for some drinks and some catching up.  It was so much fun.  Facebook and social media really is great because we all sort of kept up on each other's lives and families and we could have never coordinated this outing with out the help and simplicity of being in touch through social media.  We already discussed having a hart hawks reunion with even more childhood friends in the near future. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First day of school 2014

We {finally} went back to school yesterday.  The boys have been waiting for this since May, because they knew that when school started again (not to be confused with camp that we attended at school) they would get one day a week in the same class.  They are both enrolled 3 days per week, on Tuesday and Thursday they go to their own class but on Wednesday Owen is enrolled in Scott's class (he is allowed to do this because he is a sibling, and lets be honest everyone thought he was enrolled in the class last year).  Wednesday is my work day in the class so he's not getting dropped off in the big kid classroom just yet, but he might as well be because once we get there I don't see them again the whole day.

I finally prepared a fun first day of school meal - gluten free donuts, which neither of the boys cared about and chose breakfast sausages instead.  Secretly I am more excited that they didn't choose the sugar.

They couldn't wait to get dressed and get out the door and we even cooperative for a first day of school picture.  And we were on time/early for school for what will probably be the only time this year.

Scott is looking so tall and grown up these days.

And Owen.... could he be more excited??

Here's to another great school year!

Last weekend of summer...

Last week we decided we needed to head out for one last hurrah before summer was officially over (well I know its technically still summer, but before school started).  So we headed to our favorite beach camping spot for the weekend.  Brian took a half day on Friday while I spent the morning throwing stuff together and putting food in the RV.  We were down to the beach by 2:30, only to find no spots available.  We knew we were risking it going on a Friday, but we were still feeling a little bummed.  We spent a couple of hours in the day parking while I drove up to check for spots every once in a while.  And on my second trip up we were in luck, I snagged a spot and frantically called Brian to get his booty in gear and get up there (he was less than 10 minutes behind me, but you aren't allowed to save spots with cars so time was of the essence).  We were unloaded and ready to start the weekend before 5.

The boys, in their happy place.

View from the RV on night one.

Evening beach stroll at high tide.

These two have my heart.

Prints of my people and my pet. 

Night one sunset cuddles:

Owen is a cuddler and you can find him as close to Scott as possible in the mornings.  So cute.  Scott tolerates it.

Early morning view from my piece of paradise:

Breakfast, coffee and a beach run....then it was time to hit the waves:

We had many visitors starting with Grandma, then Uncle John and Aunt Chris joined us.  Uncle John was a trooper and played in the waves with the boys for hours.

We even busted out the kite:

Finally Ryker and co. joined us.  I didn't tell Scott until they were on the road heading up because with little ones you never know when something might come up and it doesn't end up happening (a lesson I have learned over and over).  When I did finally tell him he was over the moon.  And bonus: they were going to spend the night with us in the trailer.
"Ryker is coming?!  And having a sleep over? Here? In the trailer?  Is this real?" - LOL

the 4 dudes watching the sunset (likely they didn't care about the sunset at all, we told them after the sun went down we would start a fire and make they were just counting down)

Smores are serious business for O

We actually got much more sleep than I was expecting, but we were up SUPER early and were on the beach before 8.

 Nothing like a little boogie boarding with your best bud to send summer out in style.

And now that school has started (post coming soon) I have officially said goodbye to summer and embraced all things PUMPKIN!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Summer Highlights

At the beginning we (I) made a summer bucket list.  Lots of fun stuff, some "chores", some school prep.  We have checked off some, and done many other things.  I usually don't go back at the end of summer to see what we did, because then I just end up feeling about the things we didn't get to, which isn't the point.

This summer has been long.   In a good way, mostly.  I have mixed emotions about back to school.  In some ways I am SO READY.  In a way that can't be overemphasized.  Its seems like everyone has been back to school for weeks and we still have nearly two weeks of summer break left.  I think we are all in need of a routine again, not to mention built in time with friends and the support of our amazing little school community.
Of course I'm sad too, another summer come and gone, next year the boys will be older and ready for more activities.  I'm sure in the years to come each summer lazy days will be fewer and farther between.  This summer has also been long in a good way.  Lots of beach days and play dates and the splash park, staying out until 8:00 in the back yard or at the park because its not dark yet, sleeping in and staying in our jams until noon (or later)....just a few of the things I will miss about our summer days.

But for now I want to recap our summer highlights.  What we DID do, whether it was on our bucket list or not.

We did the usual swim lessons at the beginning of summer, and of course plenty of trips to the pool, the splash park, the beach, and tons of slip'n'slide and sprinklers in the backyard.
We watched two sweet friends get married in June.  We attended birthday parties of some little people  and some bigger people ; )  We got to meet lots of new little people as we had several friends due over the last few weeks and months (niece watch still in full effect, 8 days til due date!).
We got to see a friend we haven't seen since our wedding, almost 6 years ago.  Visits like that are so few and far between but so cherished.
We celebrated the 4th of July with a wonderful group of friends who we don't see often enough.  We have missed the last few years of the 4th with them so this year was extra special to see everyone again - and Owen's first official Johnson 4th of July!!!
We pulled the trigger on an RV and have enjoyed the excitement of getting it packed up and taking it out.  We are officially hooked on beachside camping and are already planning for fall trips and beyond.
Both of the boys had their first dentist appointment and scored an A+ (which is really a grade for the, phew!).  Owen decided he was ready for potty training, which we started about a month ago, he's done great and I feel confident about going to school next week with nothing more than a change of clothes for the cubby (our school does not require them to be potty trained, but I either wanted to go in fully ready or wait until school was well underway, didn't want to try to go halfsies).

Well I started this post two weeks ago....and now its the night before school starts.  And its still not finished.  And its the night before school.  And I don't have a lunch box for Owen, or changes of clothes packed, or enough clean underwear.  And it looks like a bomb went off in the kitchen.  But back to the post, sort of.

We decided to send the summer out with a bang and spend the last weekend before school started at Rincon.  So for everything I'm not prepared for for school tomorrow, it was worth it!  More on our last beach trip coming soon (maybe).

I have mixed emotions about school starting tomorrow.  First of all: FINALLY.  But on second thought, maybe I'm not ready for a schedule again, or to be on time anywhere.  But I also miss the heck out of our friends and teachers and I know the boys do too.  And Owen can't wait to be in school.  So whatever the emotions tomorrow is on the horizon and we are ready for the next chapter this year.

Bouquets of newly sharpened pencils.

Bring on fall!