Monday, June 27, 2016

Campbell Family Fun Weekend

Last weekend was our first official weekend of summer.  We kicked it off in style with a weekend full of fun activities.

Saturday afternoon we headed down to Orange County for an Angels baseball game.  Now I think the record should reflect that we are not Angels fans, however Scott played for the Angels this year in Little League and he had been dying to go to major league game all season.  Daddy scored some great tickets from a work friend and our little Angel was in seventh heaven!

Scott has been to a Dodger game once before but this was Owen's first baseball game.

It was a super great evening, but the game started at 7 and we were getting up early the next day so we only made it until about the 7th inning.  Scott would have stayed all time buddy!

We had coordinated with the always amazing and so generous Auntie CB to go to Disneyland the following day, so we were up early and heading to the park right after breakfast.

I think its now a tradition that our first ride of the day is Buzz Lightyear, so off we went.

Since Owen is now over 40 inches he can ride almost everything in the park!  So up next we went on Star Tours.  Scott had been before with Brian, but this was Owen's first time.  Brian and I despise this ride as it induces intense motion sickness and near vomiting in both of us, but we put on our game faces and did it for the boys. I sat next to Owen and I wasn't totally sure how he was going to react...
As soon as the ride began and things started looking 3D Owen was on the edge of his seat, then he started reaching out to touch things that passed him or the lasers being pointed at him.  Then he looked at me and said, well yelled since the ride is so loud, "is it real?"  and I told him it was a ride (if you recall Scott's initial reaction to this ride was that No, he did not in fact want to leave the universe and could he please get off and stay on earth).  Then every so often through out the ride he'd yell over, "REAL DRIVING?"  "IS IT REAL?"  "REAL BB-8?" It was so hilarious and SOOOO cute!

This was our first trip to disney on a Sunday so we were prepared for crowds and long lines, it didn't stop us from having a pretty magical day.

Toy story ride is always a hit for the boys too:

I had read on some blog somewhere once upon a time about these raspberry macrons, and this trip I was bound and determined to find them!  And voila, they surpassed expectations!  Amazing and totally worth the price tag!

The day would not have been complete without visiting the star wars characters.  Our little star wars lovers probably could have left for the day after this, it was a highlight for sure!

Chewbacca was my far and away favorite.  He was so nice (which sounds weird because he doesn't even talk, just gives lots of hugs) and you should have seen the look on Owen's face.

Actually, you kind of can.  Thanks to me stealing the disney photo pass pictures.  Sorry but I just can't spend 12/picture or 40 for all of them...what a racket.  But if you look around the words you can get a pretty good idea of what Owen was thinking.

Going in for the hug.  That's some real life disney magic right there.

Brian told chewie to bring it in for the real deal....and he did

Fortunately the pictures we got on our phones turned out just as good.  They told the boys to put their arms up like Chewbacca, then they said "show us your guns"....Scott literally made a gun out of his fingers...hilarious that he didn't know what that meant!

Finally we got to stop over and meet Kylo Ren.  

We could have been done after this.  It literally made their day.  We ended up hanging out at the park til almost 6:00 (a record for us).  We ended up doing the rapids ride in california adventure as our last ride (none of us had ever been on it before).  We figured a quick 20 minute wait, 5 minute ride and then we would be on our way to grab some dinner and go home.  Well the ride got stuck for a good 20 minutes while we were on it.  The boys did great being patient (helped that we were stuck with some high school aged kids and their dad, the boys are all about being cool in front of older kids) but Owen did of course mention being hungry several times.  When we finally got off the ride Owen was apparently so hungry that he lost his ability to speak and just started taking bites out of the air while growling slightly to show us just how hungry he was.  Hilarious.  We got to the car where he ate half a pound of turkey, followed by a stop at In n Out and he was golden again!

It was a fun and magical weekend and a great way to kick off summer!!!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Last week(s) of school

Summer is here!  Wahoo!  A little bittersweet to see the school year end!  We will sure miss kindergarten and Ms. Tori, it was a pretty special year!

The pool is finally warm enough, even for mom (the boys have been swimming daily since we moved in).  Unfortunately we have started a backyard remodel so we haven't been in the pool for almost 2 weeks, needless to say the boys are going a little stir crazy.

The second to last week of school we had our kindergarten picnic dinner at the park.  It was the same park we had our first kinder play date before school started where we met other families and the teachers.  It was also the same park where we had our end of the year party after Scott's first year in TEAM, he's growing way too fast!

After dinner Ms. Tori had little gifts for all the kids, in order to had them out she played a little guessing game.  For share at school the kids give three clues and their classmates have to guess what they brought, so this is how Ms. Tori did her share about each student.  It was so cute!  For Scott she said:  he is the first person to help a friend who is sad or hurt, he is a good athlete and the final clue for everyone is what they had said they wanted to be when they grew up and their salary: be in the navy and make a million dollars a day.  LOL!

I could not have asked for a better teacher for Scott this year.  So so happy Owen will have her in a year!

The next day our class planned a "field trip" to our classmates house for swimming! BEST IDEA EVER!  We didn't have to show up til 10 and we swam and played all day.  The boys and I ended up staying til around 5 or 6 I think!

When Ms. Tori had to leave all the friends gave her the sweetest big group hug! 

Monday of the last week of school was our class beach field trip where we got to learn about ocean safety from a lifeguard and play in the waves!

Oh yeah and its also when we started our backyard demo:

The last week also included the school bridging ceremony.  Each class walks across the bride to next grade level.  It was very sweet and Ms. Tori gave a pretty tear jerking speech.

Owen was not so thrilled about the evening.  Thankfully Kindergarten was first so we were out of there pretty quick!

Second to last day of school.  Owen was on a playdate so the almost first grader and I had an ice cream date.  He asked for a cone....I had no idea it was going to be this big.  I guess when you finish kindergarten you deserve a giant serving of ice cream.

Last day of school!!!!
It was sprinkler day! 
We have made some great new friends this year. 
These two kept asking to take their picture together.  Love their friendship!

After school we went to emily again for a pool party with our little tribe.

These kids have been friends since they were 3 and now they are officially first graders!

And the picture below might be my favorite ever.  Owen snuck in, with that smiles that just gets me overtime.  And Zoey on the far right made sure to stand next to Lincoln.....and check out that pose. I just can't! 

Owen and Kenz - the day before they played all day so that I could work in Scott's class one last time.   All day they said to each other: "we are bethd fwends right?"

They are just the best together!

And these three, there was a time in preschool we thought they would never work as a threesome.  There were many tears shed on their part as well as us mamas, and look at them now! Buddies for life!

These women.  What would I do without them?  Can't believe how fast our babies our growing up but I'm so happy to be on the journey with all of these mamas (and those not pictured!)

Once again our pool party last all evening, I went upstairs to find all our kiddos watching kung fu panda.  Aren't they just the cutest!

If the last few weeks of school are any indication, I think we are in a for a great summer!

Save Horizon Hills

I think you all know by now how important our school is to us.  It is our second home and the place we have found our village.  I would be lost without the friends we have made here, including the teachers who have guided us through the last 4 plus years!
About a month ago the school board announced a plan that would potentially move our school off of its current site, relocating and downsizing the program significantly.  This program has been around for 30 plus years, the current campus has grown and our families have put their blood, sweat and tears into its gardens, playgrounds, murals and classrooms.  Its not simply about a building, they cannot trade us 10 rooms for 10 rooms and think they've made a sound choice.  We are a certified outdoor classroom school.  Our campus is our curriculum.
Needless to say the moment this was announced our parents sprang into action.  We've created committees, made t-shirts, fundraised and attended meetings on meetings on meetings.

The first school board meeting, on May 17th, we showed up in numbers to picket out front.  Then we packed the room and hallways until 11pm listening to speakers and board members discuss.  They put us last on the agenda, probably hoping to starve us out, assuming we would have to leave to go make dinner and put our kids to bed.  Clearly they had never met our parents.  We had moms in the all breastfeeding and holding their sleeping babies.  We had a team of the most amazing teachers watching the bigger kids on our campus until all hours of the night.  No one left!

A few weeks after the first meeting a bunch of us created a Save Horizon Hills team to run the Agoura Love Run.

It was a super fun way to start our Sunday!

Our last planning meeting we packed the house with not only our parents but about 20 our so neighbors surrounding the school.  We are gaining momentum and people are speaking out!
After this past weeks meeting we clearly have our work cut out for us.  This is going to be a long, uphill fight, but fortunately we have great people committed to this cause.  And what an eye opener into local politics - ugly stuff people!
So if you follow me on social media you've been warned, #savehorizonhills isn't going anywhere!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Phone dump and face swap

Just wanted to save these pictures for the future.  

Also face swap is equal parts addicting and horrifying.

Love their little posse

Typical Sunday:

Getting down with his pizza at the end of the year baseball party

Scott's little league trophy

Holding the baby chicks that we hatched in kindergarten

Lunch date with this crew

So naturally we did some face swapping

Sometimes I catch him meditating over breakfast.  Food is really his love language.